WannaGo is live video broadcasting from phone to phone. It's the easiest way to capture a moment and share it instantly with your friends, or, the world!

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Mobile Development

Case Study

1We start off analyzing the competition. In this case, we found many players (over 30!) building a mobile application with the ability to bookmark users' favorite places. Taking an in-depth look at the top competitors in the field at the time, we compartmentalized the apps into two categories: Single Focus Apps (Lightweights and Heavyweights) and Multi Focus Apps.

2The Single Focus Applications were directly competitive, so we decided to tackle these guys first and then the bigger Multi-Focused Applications. We wanted to extract everything we could about each application and focus our analysis on three main questions: Why is the app relevant? What’s their market share? and How are they unique? While answering the questions carefully, we also took screenshots of the most important screens and listed out the pros and cons of each application to find out where we can differentiate ourselves when building out the WannaGo application.

3The next step after competitive research is focusing on documenting a list of features and brainstorming as many use case scenarios as possible coming up with some initial thoughts on the functionality of the app. The goal here is to put our heads together and start sketching out ideas on the whiteboard to see what’s the easiest and the best way to get users to keep track of their favorite places to go eat, stay, shop and go.

4From sketching to wireframing and prototyping to testing and back to sketching again. It’s an iterative process, but definitely worth the sweat. This is the most creative part where we turn our ideas into proto-reality. Here, we start to develop an understanding of exactly how users will use the application, screen-by-screen. We asked ourselves tons of questions like, “What does this button do? Is the right place for it?” or “Is this the right flow to execute the purpose of the app?” We created over 7 different prototypes for WannaGo testing the concept with early adopters. We captured their feedback, shuffled through audio transcripts and video recordings, rapidly changing one prototype to the next only sending it back to user testing to find out that there are more tweaks to be made. It’s a very tedious series of steps, but very necessary in order to achieve that “flawless” product.

5Once we have the golden prototype in our hands, we are ready to make it look and feel truly beautiful. Sitting down with our designers we briefly lay out the application. We explain what the app does, how it works and a design direction from the client’s perspective. Taking our blueprints, they head into their design process which entails everything from creating a color palette, the brand identity, a collection of logos, fonts, icons, textures, patterns and other supported material that will be used to make every screen in the application visually cohesive.

6The final designs go through iteration as well. We will prioritize a list of every screen that needs to be designed in a spreadsheet and have the client sign off on each, one-by-one. This leaves no room for any mistakes or any missing screens.

7As the final designs are finishing up, we simultaneously start developing the application. Beginning with an explanation of the product, a briefing of the annotated wireframes and then researching what technology we need and if the technology even exists to make the application technically feasible. The developers will then take each design element and piece them together making the application function. The development team will come up with a plan on how to execute the first version of the app and continuously communicate with the product team with any future plans for version 2.

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Implementing a product can have many rounds. WannaGo is a living product and quickly iterates through new in-market loops that further refine its offerings.

Where is WannaGo today?

Launching at SxSW March 9, 2014, the app quickly became one of eight favorite startups you should know by Tech Cocktail. Today, we find WannaGo available in the App Store and coming soon to the Android Market.


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