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Point of View is live video broadcasting from phone to phone. It's the easiest way to capture a moment and share it instantly with your friends, or, the world!

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Case Study

1Like most projects, we start of by researching what's out and analyzing the competitors. This means creating a giant list of potential competitors in the market, playing with the application, jotting down what they do best, getting a general idea of what the competition is lacking in and their placement in the market. There were 10 other apps that we took an in depth look at. On the right is an example of how we examined the features of each while grabbing screenshots of each important screen.

2Building a feature list does not mean that the first version of the app will contain "all of the above." It would be really hard to knock that out quickly and it is not the best strategy used for fast and quantitative market testing of a product and its features. We constructed an MVP (minimum viable product) and prioritized the them so that we would work on the most important ones first.

3Once the feature list is nailed, we start working out different scenarios on a whiteboard. We sketch these out and discuss which methods seem the most intuitive and best suit the user. Working at as many scenarios we could think up, we settle on a couple finalized user flows.

4We knew that we wanted to make live video broadcasting from phone to phone "dead simple." We created a way to do it by tapping friends from your contact list and tapping invite. That's it! Your friends will get a text message, click on a link, and they will see what you're doing, LIVE (and your friends don't even need the app).

5From whiteboards to wireframes, we start building out every screen of the application and every iteration of every screen. That means if a user fails to login and they get an error message, there is a wireframe for that. Or, if a user enters a search term and results adjust to their query as they type, there is a wireframe for that too. Constructing wireframes are essential to the product development process. Designers and developers need them as much as the product team and the applications' users do. Here is an evolution to the wireframes as we build out the product from version 1 to version 2.

6A beta version of the application is then quickly put together with standard element libraries found on the web. Once the first beta version of the application is developed, we then put it in front of the faces of early adopters. Early adopters are typically users who, in addition to using the product, will also provide considerable and straightforward feedback to help the team refine its future product releases.

7The feedback collected from early adopters simply help us build a better product, but before we hand it over the the designers we must finalize another round of wireframes that incorporate all the reactions and criticism captured from our user testing. Once the wireframes are reviewed and finalized, we can deliver them to the designers who are working on the look and feel of the application.

8Working alongside designers, we run through each user flow and explain what the app does and how the app works. They then take the wireframes as guidelines for creating the final designs. You can see here some examples of the most used screens within the app and how they rendered from wireframe to final designs.

9Designers need to consider all states of any feature they will be designing – how it looks and functions with and without JavaScript. These need to be designed because this is how most users will interact with the application. When all individual graphic elements are designed the developers can then usem to create the well-designed functional app. This is usually done by developing a “shell” that serves as a template for the entire application. As developers work on building out the application the product team works simultaneously on any additional changes or corrections that need to be done. This ensures that throughout the product development process the application will comply to current app standards, maximizing functionality, as well as accessibility for its users.

More info

Point of View is working on adding new features like being able to pause a broadcast at anytime let viewers know you'll be right back. The chat feature will stay open and Point of View will stitch all of the segments together into a single seamless video when you're done.

Where is Point of View today?

Today POV is cooking up something great to make video magic on your phone and we're anxiously looking forward to hearing about their upcoming release.


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