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Avenue K is a fashion marketplace that connects independent sellers, who have set up their own online boutiques, with shoppers from all over the globe, providing access to the world’s hottest and most exclusive fashions.

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Case Study

1This exciting project came with an objective to convert an existing website that was already successful in Japan and to remarket it towards Canadian and British demographics. We were to build a p2p marketplace for high-end fashion across borders. We kicked off the meeting with a basic agenda:

  • Give the team a more complete download of the marketplace and product
  • Establish basic timeline
  • Establish schedule and protocol
  • Assign responsibilities/task ownership

2After a breakdown of the assignment, we thought the most appropriate first steps were to meet with sellers with following criteria:

  • Experience
  • Los Angeles based
  • English speaking
  • Sell a good volume of monthly products
  • Male or female,as long as above criteria are met

In terms of agenda, we wanted to do the following:

  • Introduce the concept of an English language high-end fashion marketplace
  • Assess their interest in conducting trade with other countries outside of Japan (like Australia, UK, South Africa, Canada, UAE etc.)
  • Understand how sellers go about selecting products to list and what additional tools we can provide to help them to that.
  • Understand how much margin they look to extract on average from each sale
  • Get to understand their motivations, problems and ideas better.

3From here, we start to build out marketplace site map which included every page to be done in order of priority, every iteration of that page, all features, notes and marks for client approval.

4We had to make sure that the experience was clean and easy to navigate. There was a strict process for this to be done. In order for us to do this hundreds of wireframes were created, critiqued, brought back to the drawing board, recreated and approved. It's a long a well-worked process that runs over every bit of detail.

5From the wireframes, we sat with our design to turn the blueprints into beautiful designs. Working shoulder-to-shoulder, we help explain in detail each and every screen to make sure it was clear as to what needs to be done and why it was done in such a way.

6Once the designs were finalized and approved we moved them into the development phase. Here we cut up all the elements and re-pieced them back together to create a functioning fashion marketplace.

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Avenue K members have access to the world's hottest and most exclusive brands. Avenue K's goal is to give fashion lovers everywhere the opportunity to buy the items they love, with more convenient shipping and returns, and lower costs.

Where is Avenue K today?

Launching in July of 2013 as an invite only luxury fashion marketplace, today Avenue K has grown and blossomed into an open marketplace that connects independent sellers, who have set up their own online boutiques, with shoppers from all over the globe. Also, their fashion blog has thousands of followers bringing the latest and most inspired trends to the community.


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